Canopies: Eric Elliott

With each exhibition, we will post interviews with the participating artists along with a photo of said artists in their studios and images of their work. In the future, we will post videos of artist interviews.

“Canopies” opens June 27th and continues through August 22, 2015

The exhibitions includes the work of Kimberly Clark, Eric Elliott, Tamblyn Gawley & Evelyn Woods.

Reception for the artists, June 27th, 2 – 4 pm

Artist Interview #10: Eric Elliott


1. Are you a full time artist, if not how do you support your art?

I currently teach part time, work part time at Prographica Gallery, and make art part time.

2. When did you consider yourself an artist?

Although I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember, I made the decision to dedicate myself to becoming an artist when I was 19 or 20. But, I don’t think I considered myself an artist until after graduate school when I was still making art, but no longer an art student.

3. What are your influences?

I’m influenced by pretty much everything around me, whatever I’m reading at the time, the art I’m looking at, the houseplants in my apartment, the light, the weather, the seasons… The artists who have influenced my work the most are Giacometti, Cezanne, Morandi, Antonio Lopez Garcia, Euan Uglow, Philip Guston, Monet, Edwin Dickinson, Ann Gale, Vuillard… the list can go on and on.

4. How big is your studio, what kind of lighting?

I have only been in my current studio for about 6 months and it is about 300 sq. ft. It has natural light from skylights, which has been a struggle to figure out how to control the light for my still lifes. For nighttime and dark days, there are overhead lights with a mixture of different temperature light bulbs.

5. What is a typical day in the studio like for you? Do you listen to music, radio or tv in your studio?

I usually sit in silence when I first get to the studio and figure out what I want to tackle for the day. Once I’ve made a decision on what I’m going to do, I’ll put on NPR, a podcast, or an audio book and get to work. My brain likes to chatter and I find that having something on in the background keeps that part of my brain busy, but when I have a big decision to make I usually pause what I’m listening to until I’ve figured out the next step. I’ll take a break for lunch and then get back to painting until dinnertime.

6. What is your preferred medium? Do you work on one project at a time or several?

I prefer oil paint, and I usually have a few things going at once. At various stages during a painting I like to look at it for a while to figure out what to do next, and while I do that I usually start something new.

7. Do you have any special or unique tools, devices or process that you use in your art making?

Nope. All pretty standard tools, devices, and process.

8. What do you do outside the studio, aside from a job?

I hang out with my wife Devyn, watch an episode of something, read, and think about the next painting.

* Eric’s work is represented by James Harris Gallery in Seattle.

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