The Black and White Photo Show: Eduardo Calderón


With each exhibition, we will post interviews with the participating artists along with a photo of said artists in their studios and images of their work. In the future, we will post videos of artist interviews.

The Black and White Photo Show, a group exhibition of work by Marsha Burns, Eduardo Calderón, Dianne Kornberg, Carolyn Krieg, Glenn Rudolph, and Andrew Yates (1945 – 2011) opening January 9, 2016 and continuing through February 27th.
There will be a reception for the artists on Saturday, January 9th from 2-4 pm.

Artist interview #34: Eduardo Calderón

self-portrait 2006

“self-portrait 2006”

I was born in Arequipa, Peru in 1949. I studied anthropology and museology at the University of Washington. I became a photographer and an artist in the early 1970’s.

My photographs are reflections of the world around me. The images are captured during walks in the streets of populated areas in Peru (particularly Arequipa, my home town) and other countries in Latin America and Europe where I set temporary residence for weeks at a time to familiarize myself with the culture and the geography. My work is not meant to be judgmental of the things I see. The photographs are like chronicles of whatever catches my eye during those walks.

I work with film and I print in a darkroom using conventional black and white photographic papers and chemistry. The images are composed entirely in the camera at the moment before I press the shutter. The prints are manipulated in the darkroom only to control the light on the paper in order to achieve the proper balance of contrast without changing the original composition. No cropping or alteration in any way. The integrity of the image is at the moment it is captured by the camera.